June 24th  2013

MBMB Newsletter

Dear Friend of MBMB,  Remember; you are all invited to provide us with your own write ups, articles or Audio materials that you feel would be of interest to the community. we have received some ideas that will be published in the next issue next month. Thank you for opening this newsletter (Pleased to see your growing attention) !!! …Long time no speak, you are welcome to Cesaire Centenary Celebration!!!

MBMB invite you to meet us or email your ideas and offer of help at any level. Come to join us as a member or as a committee member. Call us on: 02033710307 or email us at: info@mbmbcharity.org 


MBMB’s mission and values:

  • Assist not only the French speaking Caribbean but also the Creole community in the United-Kingdom.
  • Share and promote the French Caribbean and other Creole cultures with other communities
  • Support our actions and charitable projects in the Creole islands through fundraising
  • Create a common platform to bring together Creole Communities in the UK to network and help the community at large to discover our culture



Cesaire Centenary Celebration  Today June 24 2013 At the French Institute, 17 Queensberry Place, London  SW7 2DT   

The 10th MBMB CREOLE DAY on the 28th of September 2013.  

Your help is welcome!!! 


Aimé Césaire: A Centenary Celebration

At the French Institute,

17 Queensberry Place,



Today the 24th June, 2013


Aimé Césaire, the great poet, politician and playwright, was born in Martinique on 26th June, 1913.

He has been hailed as the leading francophone poet of the twentieth century and one of the prophets of negritude – the 1930s black consciousness movement whose steadfast aim was to ‘decolonise the mind’ and reassert pride in the African cultural values of the diaspora.

Césaire, who died in 2008, was an intellectual of great discernment and eloquence; an artist of the avant-garde who championed non-Western cultural forms. His influence upon post-colonial discourse is abiding.

An international and inter-disciplinary colloquium on Monday 24th June (9.30am-6pm) will honour and explore Aimé Césaire’s life, work and legacy. Selections of his poetry and plays will be recited and performed, both in English and French.

Confirmed speakers include: Professors Richard and Sally Price (College of William and Mary, Virginia), Charles Forsdick (Liverpool), Roger Little (Trinity College, Dublin), Romuald Fonkoua (Sorbonne, Paris); Rosie Millard (former BBC arts correspondent; cultural commentator), Dr Fabienne Viala (Warwick), Dr Louise Hardwick (Birmingham), Dr Philip Crispin (Hull), Isabelle Fruleux (performer)

Registration fee: £20

To register and for further information, please

contact the organiser:

Dr Philip Crispin, University of Hull, p.crispin@hull.ac.uk


To all! it is a late notice but we hope you will do your

best to join this as an after work event


Kai Ka Fet?!  

Follow up the Feferity Events   

At Market House 443 Coldharbour lane Brixton 


 Market House 443 Coldharbour lane Brixton


The 10th Creole Day is scheduled for the 28th of September 2013; Thank you for any new ideas and your help’s welcome !!!  

Thank you for reading the Newsletter and have fun!!!

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