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Today and the future is great for MBMB Charity , members, partners and friends of our charity organisation. we are all grateful for living in this great host country and to use these opportunities that are given to us every day to achieve our best.

Agreed! we have all known better days, where the economy did not fluctuate like a bad game of yoyo where security was not yet this costly and rare comodity.

Today London is considered to be the 4th largest French City according to most respected analysts. London a strong city with over 7 Million people and that also boasts attracting 400,000 French people, the largest immigrant community in England.

The French and Creole community in the UK is a very peaceful highly achieving fun loving community.
The common conception is that we Love and create great things in the sectors of fashion and the food industry.

We boast some off the best fashion brands, chefs, and restaurants, but also we have a striving Banking and Finance sector and a good Industry and Sports sector. The art industry had and still has some of the greatest names to date.

Guyana, Guadeloupe and Martinique with a great Haitian influance gave France and the world the only Musical genre ever created in France “Zouk”.

Out of 400,000 French people living in the UK a great majority is made up of French West Indians Guyana, Guadeloupe, Martinique. There is a new generation that arrived 20 years ago and have raised and live with their families in this country.

MBMB has a database of 2,000 people. We therefore still have to welcome another 398,000 people to count the totality of the french community and a few hundred thousand more to reach out to our 800,000 strong Creole community.Our purpose is to unite inform and entertain. Ultimately we will create a great sense of pride within the individuals and the community.We welcome all to join our great community, to come to create, educate or learn from each other.

We would like to thank Jimmy lirvat and his team for the tremendous work they leave behing with the means they had to achieve this tremendous task.
We also thank all past presidents and their teams for the hard work to keep MBMB and the Creole, Francophone and Francophil community on the world map, including tose who in 1996, created this association with Meddy Jacoby-Koaly the first ever president.
I relish the opportunity to unit, strengthen and serve this community, with the responsibilities that are bestowed upon me and my team.Our Moto made of 3 key word is the basis that governs our mission and values: UNITY – QUALITY – RESPECT
Judex Surpin, President.

Main dates:

1996: The association was created with a strong input from Meddy Jacoby-Koaly, when she invited some friends around that idea. During their first general meeting, she shared her vision for the future of the association and Meddy Jacoby-Koaly played an important role on the search for a new name, they collectively agreed that it could only be MBMB – Menm Biten Menm Bagay which the group later accepted unanimously.

From December 1998-2001: The constitution for a non-profit association was revised and completed and MBMB received the association status

July 2004: First grant attribution to MBMB

2004, Under Sylviane Rano presidency  MBMB became a charity organisation.

2005: Funding given by the Lottery fund for our Gwoka Workshop programme

Since August 2006: Long-term relationship with the Gros-Ilet St Lucia Association to organise the “French Caribbean meets the English Caribbean Notting Hill Carnival Party” annually.

MBMB Presidents

06/96-08/98: Meddy Jacoby-Koaly

1998-2000:   Marie-Line Boussoco

2000-2001: Franck Walpole

2001-2002: Laurent Grandissom

2002-2003: Betty Sulty-Johnson

2003-2004: Cinthia Loial

2004-2005: Sylviane Rano

2005-2007: Andree Rolle

2007-2008: Laurence Weppler

2008-2009: Roland John-Leopoldie

2009-2010: Jimmy Lirvat

2010-Present: Judex Surpin