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Menm Biten Menm Bagay aka MBMB
The French Caribbean Association is a voluntary organisation created in 1996 in London.
“Menm Biten Menm Bagay” is a Creole idiomatic expression which means “Same difference”
Our friends from Guiana have played an important role within the association from the onset therefore
we have twisted this idiom slightly to reflect our dynamycs, to read: “Menm Biten Menm Bagay Menm Bet”
The meaning remaining “Same Difference”.

Since November 2004, we are a registered charity (Charity commission number: 1106915).


Our mission our values

The organisation’s mission and values are as follows:

  • Assist not only the French speaking Caribbean but also the Creole community in the United-Kingdom.
  • Share and promote the French Caribbean and other Creole cultures with other communities
  • Support our actions and charitable projects in the Creole islands through fundraising
  • Create a common platform to bring together Creole Communities in the UK to network and help the community at large to discover our culture

Our Moto is made of 3 key word that governs our mission and values:

Our people

The organisation is comprised of members from:

  • French West Indies: Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Martin,  Saint-Barthelemy,
  • Other French Overseas departments: French Guiana and Reunion Island
  • Other Creole cultures: Dominica, Saint-Lucia, Haiti, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Louisiana, Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, etc…
  • Our friends and members in the UK: African diasporic communities, Francophil and Francophone friends from the UK.
  • France