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Ambassador of the Creole culture

As an ambassador of the Creole world, MBMB charity’s main actions regarding the Creole Culture are the following:

  • PROMOTE and SHARE the Creole Cultures

MBMB try to promote and share the Creole Culture through most of its actions and events – The Creole Day and the Chante Nwel (Christmas Gathering) are two of the most important events in London promoting the Creole Culture.

Our Culture & Traditions team spread the good word of the Creole culture, through the numerous activities throughout the UK and Europe.

  • EDUCATE and TEACH the Creole Culture

The best way to promote our culture is to help people to know it, understand it and also help them to love it. This role of education is assigned to our Culture & Traditions team: people can learn how to vibrate at the sound of traditional music and how to speak Creole that is the main vehicle of the Creole culture.

  • SEMINARS and DEBATES about the Creole Cultures

As you may know, the Creole world is very diverse. The Creole communities have a complex history often strongly marked by slavery and a complex relation to Europe and USA. Also, Creole people often have to deal with a double cultural heritage: their Creole culture and their European culture or influence.

This gives us a little overview of the challenges Creole communities can have to face.

MBMB aim to initiate such thoughts and take part in debates on such subjects.

Our Culture & Traditions team organises every year conferences and debates on various subjects related to the Creole world issues but also invites some intellectuals, researchers or writers to discuss about their work or their books.